With our Rent Collection package, we offer the following additional services along with all the services we offer with Introduction option.

Sab Estate agents offers landlords personal account managers who will directly liaise with both the tenant and yourself.

A standing order mandate between the tenant’s bank and ours will be setup at the time of signing the tenancy agreement. This will ensure that rents are paid on time to our account. We will calculate and deduct our fees and transfer the remainder into your account within 3 – 5 working days of receipt from the tenant.

We will provide monthly statements showing rental income received, fees charged and the net payment made to you. Payment will normally be made to you by electronic transfer direct to nominated UK bank or building society account.

As and when appropriate, we will take appropriate action to chase up and then recover arrears. We will notify you when the rent due under the tenancy agreement falls in arrears by more than 5 days. If it becomes necessary to take legal action, we can provide assistance to begin proceedings against the tenant.

We will administer any renewal of the tenancy agreement or extension of the contract and provide you regular reviews of the rental level payable on your property compared against current market conditions.

If you wish to end the tenancy at an appropriate time, then we will help with the serving of a termination notice

Our Fee 12% (this includes Let Only & Rent Collection)